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Vibrant Authority is a website dedicated to empowering people who are exploring the next step in rejuvenation. We deliver objective articles on non-surgical aesthetic medical treatments, and are constantly building and improving our catalog of resources that is designed to help you with your aesthetic goals.


Letters From Founders Ginny Vachon, PhD and Shannon McKenna:

Dearest Readers,

I am so glad that you’ve found the Vibrant Authority! One thing that comes up over and over when I am writing articles is that it is so important to know the source of your information. It’s only fair that I share how Vibrant Authority came about.

After I finished my PhD in molecular genetics, I left my lab bench and launched a medical writing company. Over the years, I have written about countless diseases, drugs, and medical devices for doctors, patients, and government agencies. By chance, one of the projects that landed on my desk was on dermatological fillers, which are injections that can be used to “fill” in wrinkles or provide volume to “deflated” tissues. Like any other project, I would eat, breathe, and sleep the subject matter for the next couple weeks.

Halfway through the project, I went to a women in entrepreneurship dinner event and when it was my turn to share what the past month in medical writing had been like, I mentioned I was working with a group of plastic surgeons on a publication in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. I expected the same response that hematology usually gets (“neat… writing about lymphoma must be… um, interesting,” or “That’s great… by the way, do you know “pharma bro?”), but every single person at the table was beside themselves to know more and was delighted to learn that there was an entire area of non-surgical aesthetic medicine that lies between getting facials and a surgical face lift. Since then, over and over, whenever I mention aesthetic medicine, immediately, whoever I am talking to lowers their voice and asks, “Would that fix this?” And then points to the beginnings of crow’s feet or whatever feature gives away what the pros call “actual age” or even just something that has been bothering them for years. There is so much out there that doesn’t require surgery and it seemed like no one knew!

The more I worked on different elements of aesthetic medicine, the more I realized that there is (was) very little information out there that truly seeks to educate people about non-surgical approaches. Inch-deep magazine articles with titles like, “I Tried Botox and Here’s What Happened,” are really not enough. Somewhere between the websites that curate and review cosmetics and the depths of the medical literature, there should be an objective resource for people on non-surgical aesthetic medicine so that they can know what is available without already having a relationship with an aesthetic medicine physician.

The goal of Vibrant Authority is to share objective information in plain terms on all of the procedures and practices that make up non-surgical aesthetic medicine. From the most basic questions like, “What are they and how do they work?” all the way to, “How do I talk to my physician about what I want?” we want to give you what you need to think deeply about your aesthetic goals, decide if you are ready to make an appointment with your doctor, and to empower you to ask meaningful and relevant questions about any procedure you chose (or choose not to) undergo. This website is for you, so if there is ever a time you have questions or an idea for an article, drop us a line



Dearest Readers,

Hello! Shannon here, the woman without the PhD. When Ginny first told me about her clients, doctors who specialized in cosmetic procedures, I was fascinated. I realized quickly how little I knew and how little information there was out there about aesthetic medicine. As an acrobat dedicated to spreading knowledge and understanding online, I urged Ginny to do the same: to start a blog to help empower and educate people interested in cosmetic procedures. After many late night dinner conversations, she finally agreed that it might be a good idea. Initially, I imagined that I would be her cheerleader as I was completely ignorant of the actual subject matter but enthusiastic about my friend’s endeavor. Then, she sent me her first article.

I don’t spend my time reading medical journals often, so I had to sort out some jargon and stick in some pictures before I could REALLY suss out “What The F is BoTox” (our first blog post, which you can read here). At the same time, Ginny’s writing style is warm, witty, and approachable, and I knew she had something special. I sent the article back with suggestions and prayers that my friend wouldn’t take offense to my comments or think my gifs of Patsy holding a martini were too low brow for her project. Quite the opposite: she asked me to join as her writing partner.

And so, together, we make up the Vibrant Authority. While I may be the authority, at the same time, dear reader, I am with you. Many of these procedures and ideas are new to me, and I hope to ask the questions I imagine you would ask, to work with Ginny to distill all of her amazing resources and knowledge. If you feel confused or want to know more about a certain subject, please take the time to reach out in the comment section of our articles or email us: From informational articles, to printable resources, to our own reflections and insights about aesthetic medicine, we are here for you to support informed choices that help you live vibrantly.



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